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Answers You Need to know for Your Boat Rentals

Do you need a boat license?

If you do not have a boating license, we provide one during the rental and also show you how to operate the boat. Once you feel comfortable enough we let you go :)

Are life jackets provided for the rental?

Yes, we provide life jackets for your rental. But if you wish to bring your own your more than welcome to!

Is fuel provided?

Fuel is not included in the rental rates. Water crafts are full before rental, whatever you burn we charge accordingly.

How much fuel will we use?

Although there is no possible way to determine how much fuel your boat will use. Many factors play into fuel consumption such as; Distance you travel, speed you drive, number of people in your party, wind resistance, watersports etc.

What are the cancellation policy?

We need 24hrs in advance if you do not wish to go out on your booking date. If you do not cancel we charge 50% of the rental fee. If the weather isn't nice we can book you for another day and wont charge any fee :)

What should I bring for the rental?

You must bring at least 1 piece of government issued photo ID and a major credit card or enough cash to cover the rental and damage deposit . Your party, should be here so we can provide appropriate life jackets for everyone. Any music / snacks / and drinks you may want for the rental to keep you hydrated in the hot Okanagan sun!

Do I need to book the boat rental in advance?

Preferably yes, because if you don't we cannot guarantee you will have a rental for that day! If you know what day in advance, book as soon as you can!

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